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Ivybrook Alpharetta

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61 Old Canton St, Alpharetta, GA 30009

(678) 379-5353

Class Offerings

Toddlers (18 Months Old)
Friday mornings

Monday through Friday mornings
Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings
Tuesday & Thursday mornings

Monday through Friday mornings
Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings
Tuesday & Thursday mornings

Monday through Friday mornings

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About Ivybrook Alpharetta

Chris and Allyson Morris both feel that the hybrid curriculum is uniquely designed to engage children in the learning process while also encouraging families to take a larger role in their education. Allyson says that although there are other pre-schools offering Montessori in the Atlanta area, none offer the innovative progressive curriculum of Ivybrook Academy.

“Incorporating the project-based approach of Reggio Emilia helps bring a different classroom environment,” says Allyson. “Your child is actively participating in their learning experience. That’s something I appreciate much more as a parent.”

Chris says that incorporating Multiple Intelligences research as part of the curriculum meets children on a level that speaks to their individual strengths. He explains how this helps instill confidence in children that is crucial to later success.

“In a more traditional school, you can really struggle if you’re not a verbal or quantitative person,” he says. “Everyone has a higher intelligence level in something. When you focus on that, you boost a child’s self-esteem during a very important part of their life.”

Morris Family Ivybrook Alpharetta

The Morris Family

Allyson Morris
Allyson Morris Director

Campus Happenings

“We are so so happy with this preschool for my son. He is encouraged to learn through exploring things that interest him, which is exactly what he needs at 3.5 years old. I love the natural materials environment of the school and the creative children’s art on display. The staff is incredibly friendly and the principal and VP are always there greeting parents at drop off and pick up. Highly recommend!”

Megan Blakeslee

“One of the best preschools we have come across. Highly recommended.”

Santha Kumar

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