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We provide half-day classes that have been designed to help your child unlock a world of purpose and possibilities. For more information on our classes, please click on the desired age range below.

Toddlers (18 months old)

The Toddler program is designed for the youngest citizens of our school community.  This program provides the perfect combination of play, learning opportunities, and flexibility. High quality activities are specifically designed for your child’s attention span and to stimulate their curiosity.


Our warm and energetic teaching team engages children in a morning of socialization and hands-on activities. These activities make the classroom come alive with smiles and laughter. Our nurturing environment provides the opportunity for our youngest children to begin on the road to independence.  We cultivate an atmosphere of warmth and mutual respect where the children learn to trust others, be open to new ideas, and understand their special place in this world.


As your little one leaves your arms, our Toddler program will embrace and cherish them just like you would.

Ivybrook academy student looking at a fish.

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Younger Two Year Olds

Designed for the inquisitive nature of young children, the younger two-year-old program provides an introduction to the progressive Ivybrook Academy curriculum.  Our young learners will participate in a wide array of customized independent and group activities.


This encourages children to learn about themselves and ask questions about the world around them through exploration and discovery.  Student’s learning is supported in a well-integrated environment, inspiring the imagination.


Curiosity and independence are interwoven within a sense of community.  Younger two-year-olds have a compassionate and collaborative spirit.  They absorb the warmth of their teachers, thus thriving in our loving classroom environment.  The younger two-year-old class promises to encourage your child as they step into the next chapter of their childhood.

Ivybrook academy teacher reading to students.

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Older Two Year Olds

With an abundance of opportunities to promote verbal, social and physical growth, our older two-year-old classroom is an ideal setting for the curious young learner.  The dedicated and talented teaching team encourages children’s independence through age-appropriate activities.


Our teachers understand that children learn best through a multi-sensory learning approach. This lays the foundation for your child to be empowered to be a learner capable of adaptable and creative problem solving. Each day your child will be given opportunities to experience the joys of learning.


As the year progresses, you will be able to witness that magical moment in childhood where the door opens and lets the future in.

Ivybrook academy child with tape measure.

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Three Year Olds

The three-year-old program is designed to take our students to the next level of social, emotional and academic growth. When your children enter the three-year-old classroom, they will have daily exposure to small group learning, scientific investigations, creative expression and mathematical reasoning.


Our three-year-old students bring energy to the classroom that is embraced and welcomed. Our teaching team takes their energy and funnels it into a zest for learning. Three-year-old children will participate in customized learning activities that meet each student’s specific needs.


This classroom is the cornerstone to our progressive upper academy curriculum. It will set the stage for your child’s future as they expand their understanding and curiosity of the world around them.

Ivybrook academy students and teacher.

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Pre-Kindergarten (4 year olds)

The PreKindergarten program elevates our students to the next level of our upper academy curriculum. Each child is exposed to, and participates in, concentrated learning experiences. These include literacy studies, advanced problem solving, reading readiness, mathematical reasoning, and socialization; all essential for the well-rounded child.


Children meet in small groups daily for in-depth studies individually tailored to meet their specific academic needs and be appropriately challenged. Students are encouraged to explore their independence by expressing ideas and establishing meaningful relationships with their peers.  Social interactions are the foundational structure of learning.


Through effective communication skills and by challenging and questioning one another’s theories, the children engage in a deep process of reflection.   Students are immersed in a classroom that provides ample opportunities to discover, investigate, and create daily which empowers them with the skills necessary to excel in Kindergarten!.

Ivybrook academy students doing an experiment.

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Transitional Kindergarten (5 year olds)

The comprehensive Transitional Kindergarten program is specifically designed to provide the skills necessary for success in Kindergarten.  Specialized learning objectives are carefully chosen to meet the needs of each child. By focusing on individualized instruction, our teaching team is able to cultivate the student’s innate abilities and nurture individual readiness.


Your child will be immersed in a classroom where learning experiences are enhanced through investigative sciences, literacy groups, cultural awareness, and mathematical reasoning.  The curriculum is designed to strengthen imagination, divergent thinking and innovation.


Upon completion of Transitional Kindergarten, your child will be a confident learner and a responsible citizen, ready to move seamlessly into Kindergarten.

Ivybrook academy students doing a lab assignment.

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Ivybrook Academy believes that the broader the experiences of the child, the greater the potential to learn. For this reason, we offer daily enrichment activities for all of our students that are enrolled in our early childhood education classes. The Discovery Program at Ivybrook Academy offers classes in Music and Movement, Spanish, Creative Expression, and Library. The full time Discovery teacher works with each classroom to explore all forms of creative expression in the mini-art studios or our large, central art studio.


Through the use of painting, sculpting, music, storytelling, theater, and many other forms of self-expression, children can give a voice to their thoughts and ideas, as well as share their newfound discoveries and understandings. Our Discovery Room teacher values the inquisitive nature of young children and immerses them in a classroom where they are free to paint with Picasso or create beautiful music alongside Mozart.

  • Boy drumming on light tableImmersion in a rich sensory environment of sound and movement.
  • Creating connections through the improvisation of rhythm and tone.
  • Appreciation for various musical instruments and styles.
  • Girls learning spanishDevelopment of auditory, visual and conversational skills in a second language.
  • Recognizing the innate ability of language acquisition in young children.
  • Exposure to elements of Spanish culture, including colloquial dance, dress, art and architecture.
  • IMG_3176-MExploration of various artistic styles, mediums and tools.
  • Connecting how and why works of art communicate visual meaning.
  • Examination of major forms of artistic expression from the ancient world to modern day.
  • Girl reading bookValue of literature through exposure to various authors and genres.
  • Distinguishing connections between text and illustration.
  • Analyzing literary components such as character, plot, conflict, and  resolution.

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