Award Winning Half Day Pre-school in Mooresville, NC

Sheila and Chris are proud to be bringing Ivybrook Academy’s unique blended approach to learning to the Mooresville area. Sheila and Chris enjoy spending time with their 5 children. Together with their children they have been dedicated to serving  their community and have spent the last 5 years helping children in foster care. It was their love for children and community service that led them to Ivybrook Academy. When their older children were in preschool they were able to witness firsthand how finding the right preschool with child led learning instilled in their children a strong life long love for learning. Sheila and Chris are beyond excited to be able to offer Mooresville families and their children that same love for learning that they know will last a lifetime.



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Contact Information


173 Joe V Knox Avenue

Mooresville, NC 28117

Telephone: (704) 937-1410