Mission Statement

Ivybrook Academy provides a progressive approach to early childhood education, which values students’ individual voices within our vibrant community and cultivates compassionate citizens who find joy in learning.

Children’s unique voices must be heard and ideas honored as they actively participate in their learning. This is best achieved through a multi-sensory, discovery-based approach to early childhood education. We believe children’s interests should be respected as they learn to ask questions, find answers, and share their discoveries with others. We believe that this approach provides children with the flexibility to research, inquire about, and reflect on the world around them.

Our learning community believes in a strong partnership between families and committed educators. An ideal early learning environment consists of opportunities for children to explore, create, solve problems, and work collaboratively with others. This deepens their understandings of the world through meaningful social interaction and frequent reflection with their peers and adults. We believe that children are born with a natural curiosity about the world, and that cultivating this curiosity with careful listening and support is the key to successful lifelong learning.

Guided by this understanding, we provide a hybrid curriculum that combines progressive approaches to early childhood education which draws from the customized learning approach of Montessori, the experiences in Reggio Emilia, and Multiple Intelligence research. These philosophies are blended into our comprehensive half-day preschool providing a solid foundation for our children’s early learning years.

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