When it comes to your child’s education, you should certainly be asking questions. See our frequently asked questions and answers about Ivybrook Academy and early childhood education.

Why should I enroll my child at Ivybrook Academy?

We are different

Our unique preschool model stands out above the rest as being innovative and progressive. We emphasize individualized instruction, recognize multiple intelligences, and incorporate authentic experiences which include fine arts, earth science, cultural events, and so much more. Our quality educators partner with our families to provide an exceptional, early learning foundation. When you choose to register your child at Ivybrook Academy, you are choosing to become vested in your child’s future.

What are the class sizes?

Ivybrook Academy provides small class sizes

This ensures individualized attention and that each child will feel valued as an important part of our school community.

Classroom Ratio
Transitional Kindergarten 1:10
Pre-Kindergarten 1:10
Three Year Olds 1:8
Older Two Year Olds 1:7
Young Two Year Olds 1:6
Toddlers 1:4

Does your curriculum meet National standards?


Our curriculum meets the standards of the:

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science,
  • National Council for the Teaching of English,
  • National Council for the Teaching of Math,
  • International Reading Association,
  • National Visual Arts, Dance,
  • Music and Theater Education Standards, and
  • National Association for the Education of the Young Child

What is your admissions process?

Registration for the upcoming school year takes place in February

If you are interested in registering for the upcoming school year, please contact the Principal prior to February to schedule a tour. If you are interested in registering during the current school year, please contact Ivybrook Academy to discuss specific availability.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

All lead teachers currently hold a degree

The teachers at Ivybrook Academy consist of a team of professional, experienced educators dedicated to providing quality, early childhood education. All lead teachers currently hold a degree in an education-related field and have a wide array of talents to share in the classroom. Staff qualifications are validated through an extensive interviewing process, detailed background and reference checks, and maintained through continuing education classes. Ivybrook Academy also has an onsite curriculum coordinator who collaborates with the classroom teachers on an ongoing basis. In addition, our staff undergoes CPR and first-aid training provided by the Red Cross annually.

What is your Discovery Program?

The broader the experiences of the child, the greater the potential to learn

Ivybrook Academy believes that the broader the experiences of the child, the greater the potential to learn. For this reason, we offer enrichment activities for all of our students. The Discovery Program at Ivybrook Academy offers enrichment classes in Spanish, music and movement, creative expression, and library. Our Discovery Room teacher values the inquisitive nature of young children and immerses them in a classroom where they are free to paint with Picasso or create beautiful music alongside Mozart.

What type of security is in place at the facility?

We provide a safe and secure environment for every child

At Ivybrook Academy, we provide a safe and secure environment for every child attending our school. We have gone to great lengths to install a state-of-the-art security system throughout the campus. Our proprietary student pickup-drop off technology is unprecedented in the industry. We know that we have succeeded in developing one of the most secure early learning facilities in the country.

Are you a peanut free facility?

Ivybrook Academy is a peanut/tree nut free facility

Recognizing the possibility of and problems resulting from allergies, Ivybrook Academy is a peanut/tree nut free facility. No food containing any nut product or processed in a plant that also processes nuts is allowed into the building. Every product brought into the school must contain a clearly visible ingredient list and be examined at the Principal’s office prior to entering the classroom area. In addition, children and classroom visitors are required to wash their hands upon entering the classroom at the start of each session to eliminate any food residue. In accordance with our peanut free policy, we provide an approved list of special treats if you choose to bring in a classroom snack for an event or birthday party.

What types of snacks do you offer?

Ivybrook Academy offers a nutritious snack

Ivybrook Academy offers a nutritious snack for both morning and afternoon preschool sessions. All of our snacks are peanut free and encourage healthy eating habits. Some examples of the snacks that we offer include fruits, graham crackers, goldfish, cheese, or Cheerios. We also provide filtered water for the children to drink throughout the day. Our families will receive a copy of the snack schedule in their classroom newsletter each week. At Ivybrook Academy we utilize snack time as an opportunity to promote manners and nutrition for our young children.

How do you determine which class my child will be in?

Ivybrook Academy follows an elementary school calendar

For this reason, children are placed into an age appropriate-classroom for the entire school year. To determine your child’s classroom placement, please refer to the classes tab on this website. If you need clarification regarding the appropriate classroom placement, please contact the school office.

What parental involvement do you have at the school?

Ivybrook Academy follows an elementary school calendar

Ivybrook Academy believes that the partnership between our families, teachers, and administration is vital to the success of our children. For this reason, we offer numerous opportunities for parent involvement in our school. We encourage our parents to volunteer in our classrooms during special art projects, story time, or science experiments. We also have a very active Parent Teacher Committee. This committee organizes many school wide events throughout the year such as a family fall event, winter literacy evening, spring fun fair and additional community service projects. Volunteering in the classrooms or through the Parent Teacher Committee are excellent ways to become involved in your child’s early education.

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