Each year our schools offer a summer program with exciting new themes that are designed to help your child learn while having fun. Each Ivybrook campus may be offering different camp weeks. Please check with your school’s principal for campus-specific information.

 Please find our 2022 Summer Camp program offerings below. Enrollment is now available!

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We Can Build It

Can we build it? Yes, we can! Come to this camp session where anything from small cottages to large sky-scrapers can be created. Our architects will design blueprints, lay foundations, and set their plans in motion. Wooden blocks and everyday materials will be transformed into elaborate cities filled with sound and motion. Put on your hard hat and tool belts and come to “We Can Build It” camp. Some of the activities we will participate in are:

  • Molding, cutting, and shaping clay into freestanding homes
  • Designing and building a chair that can support our weight
  • Racing the clock as we team up with our friends to win the Tallest Tower Take Down Challenge
  • Engineering structures as we build boats and test their buoyancy

Water Wonderland

Splash into a wonderful week of water fun! Children will create their own water toys and play soggy games. But beware, buried treasure and pirates await to be found on the high seas! We will also bring our water fun indoors to create paintings, scented art and large murals. Some of the activities we will participate in are:

  • Splishing and splashing as we transform our outdoor classroom into a water wonderland
  • Conducting and documenting the results of our evaporation experiment
  • Rescuing our classroom animals from their ice cages
  • Mixing up and enjoying fruity frozen popsicles

Scientific Discoveries

Jump into a fun week of Scientific Discoveries as your child observes, researches, and innovates! Your child will get to work in our science lab creating hypotheses, and testing their theories as they discover gravity, motion and more! This week, children’s imaginations will soar as they participate in hands-on investigations that will help them learn just how fun science can be! The following are just some of the activities we will participate in this week:

  • Testing which items sink or float
  • Understanding the laws of attraction using magnets
  • Documenting what happens when an acid and base mix
  • Watching water walk

Backyard Camping Adventures

Huddle around the campfire as we roast marshmallows and watch for shooting stars. Our campers will use their imaginations as they travel to the mountains to experience the great outdoors. They will go “fishing,” take nature hikes, and explore lessons in botany. Using a compass and map, we will go on a bear hunt, search for small insects and meet adorable woodland creatures. Look into our tents and you will find many smiling faces! Some of the activities we will participate in are:

  • Building and learning how to use a compass to guide us on our adventures
  • Selecting and using ingredients to make beautiful bird feeders
  • Creatively painting our hiking sticks
  • Watching in awe as we go on a bear hunt

It’s a Jungle Out There

Lions, and tigers, and bears oh my! Travel to the jungles of Africa where the animals run free! Slithering snakes and swinging monkeys will bound through the classroom. We will explore the jungle as we learn about these unique animals through games, poems, and colorful art projects. Be on the lookout as your child will bring home roaring lions, fast cheetahs, and trumpeting elephants.

Some of the activities we will participate in are:

  • Calling upon our artistic skills as we create unique snakeskin designs
  • Documenting the sights and sounds of our adventures in our Jungle Journal
  • Using our green thumbs to dig, plant, and water our terrific terrariums
  • Designing our own safari hats, backpacks, and binoculars

Space Adventures

3, 2, 1 Blast Off! We will investigate the galaxy as we travel to the moon in our own space ship. Junior astronauts will create their own spacesuits, telescopes, and explore the great constellations in our sky. We will take voyages to uncover life on other planets and maybe even discover a glow-in-the-dark asteroid. Some of the activities we will participate in are:

  • Testing the power of carbon dioxide to carry our rocket ships to outer space
  • Studying the make up of cosmic constellations
  • Testing the laws of gravity as we visit the moon and attempt to walk on its surface
  • Creating galactic galaxy dough