Our summer camp is safe, fun, and offers hands-on activities to increase mental stimulation!

Each year, our schools offer a summer program with an exciting new theme–designed to help your child learn while having fun. Each Ivybrook campus may be offering different camp weeks. Please check with your school’s principal for campus-specific information.

Below are the 2021 Summer Camp programs. Summer Camp 2022 enrollment will be available in Early Spring 2022!

Edible Science

Campers will participate in experiments that offer the opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of science and their favorite treats! After they have put on their goggles our children will be on their way investigating how to change matter, create a chemical reaction, and cook using solar power. While the gummy worms are dancing the day away your sure to hear the cheers of children as their volcanos erupt!

Some of the questions we will be answering include:

  • How can I use the power of the sun to create s’mores?
  • What is an hypothesis?
  • How fast will my gummy worm dance?
  • What will I use to make my volcano erupt?

Aloha Summer

After a day full of surfing, beach ball relay, and coconut bowling a Hawaiian luau will be had. There, campers will be able to learn the old island dance, the Seaweed Slide, while wearing their one-of-a-kind handmade grass skirts. As the island adventure comes to an end, children will come home saying to each one of you Aloha and Mahalo. The following are just some of the questions we will be answering this week:

  • How will I design my Tiki mask?
  • Can I scuddle like a crab?
  • Can I “walk the plank” without getting wet?
  • What will my multi-dimensional sandcastle look like?

Tinker Lab

Is your child the next Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla? Come find out as they observe, discover, and create new things! Do not forget your blueprints as construction of wacky wind mobiles, racing robots, and egg parachutes take way. Our children will complete in-depth investigations utilizing hypotheses and sharing their curiosity on how things are made. Step inside the tinker lab and let your imagination run free! The following are just some of the questions we will answer this week:

  • How can I change the molecular makeup of a solid object?
  • What materials can I use to create a bubble wand?
  • What natural materials will I extract color from?
  • Will my apple boat float?

Cooking with Color

Get ready to harness your imagination and creativity as we step into the kitchen and bring the rainbow to life! We will use food to create amazing sensory experiences and delicious edible treats! Our chefs will don their aprons and chef hats as they prepare pizza, ice cream, smoothies, and much much more. We will explore the world of the culinary arts as we measure, sift, stir and create edible masterpieces. Some of the questions we will answer are:

  • How can I transform marshmallows?
  • Can I follow the steps of a recipe to make waffles?
  • What color will I turn my Oreo?
  • What is unicorn milk?

Books Alive

BEEP, BEEP! Was that a pigeon driving a bus?! Wow what a magical time it is to be at camp, there are snowflakes flying, beautiful rainbow fish swimming, and even Bartholomew making his oobleck. Our campers will step into the world of books as they discover what really happens when you give a mouse a cookie and how strong the three little pigs houses really were. The following are just some of the questions we will answer this week:

  • What animals did Brown Bear see?
  • How many animals will fit in a mitten?
  • What will my illustrations look like in my comic strip?
  • Will my house withstand strong powerful wind?

Passport to Fun

Bonjour! Who knew you could travel around the world in one short week! Grab your passport and let’s get going. Our campers will travel to Mexico to enjoy a quesadilla, Ireland to create a Celtic Knot, Egypt to explore the ancient pyramids, and even Brazil to celebrate carnival. Enjoy a small token from their travels when you receive a postcard sharing their experiences. Adios! The following are just some the questions we will be answering throughout the week:

  • What will my maracas sound like?
  • Will my boomerang come back to me?
  • Can I follow a recipe to make pizza?
  • What materials will I use for my Ethiopian weaving?


Vibrant hues of colors, abstract creations, and sculptural designs will line the halls as our artists create, create, create! Enthusiasm for a wide array of visual arts ranging from collage to stained class will be fostered during art exploration. Techniques, textures, and various art mediums will be presented. Campers will gain confidence as they discover their knack for the aesthetically beautiful! Some of the questions we will be answering include:

  • Can we paint the color of music?
  • Which materials will I choose for my Kandinsky collage?
  • How will I investigate the lost art of pinch pots?
  • What is the Batik art technique?

Junior Olympics

Ready, set, go! Our young Olympians will start the week with a formal opening ceremony as they participate in the March of the Countries. They will then take part in Track and Field, Gymnastics, “Water Polo,” and many other fun events. These sporting events will focus on teamwork, large muscle skills, and good sportsmanship.  We will end the week with the awards presentations where everyone is a gold medalist. The following are just some the questions we will be answering throughout the week:

  • Can I design a unique Olympic flag?
  • How can I throw the dizzy discus?
  • What will my measurement be for the long jump?
  • Can teamwork help us win the bobsled challenge?

Pirates and Princesses

Come on an enchanted journey to the time of pirates and princesses. We will jump into the world of make believe and watch as these historic characters come to life before our eyes! Hear stories of amazing wonder and of magical creatures. Children will be fascinated by these mesmerizing tales that captivate imaginations! Join us as we create castles, design crowns, build shops, and reenact stories. Together we will research:

  • How many rings will I get on the Pirate Hook toss game?
  • Can I create a treasure map?
  • Can I “walk the plank” without getting wet?
  • What will I learn when I conduct the exploding treasure chest experiment?

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