Who’s Ready For 2019 Summer Camp?

Our 2019 summer classes offer a chance to explore, investigate, and grow in a nurturing setting.


Whether your children love art, cooking, or more, there’s plenty to do that will allow them to exercise their creativity and imagination.



Our Camp Offerings Include:

Week 1: June 10 through June 14

Topic: Science in Motion

This week our junior scientists will discover the many mysteries of Science in Motion. Lab coats and test tubes will be needed as we move from hypothesis to conclusion with daily fun activities.

Week 2: June 17 through June 21

Topic: Creatures of the Carolinas

The children will explore animals of the Carolinas through movement activities, poems, and colorful art projects. This splendid quest will take us right into the mountains, foothills and coast of the Carolinas!

Week 3: June 24 through June 28

Topic: Junior Chefs Academy

Our chefs will don their aprons and chef’s hats as they cook delicious cuisine and publish their own cookbooks! We will explore the word of culinary arts as we measure, sift, stir and create edible masterpieces!

Week 4: July 15 through July 19

Topic: My Voyage Around the World

Hop aboard our private jet and take a trip around the world! While visiting the Egyptian pyramids, Australian Outback and African Plains, we will experience the local cultures through art and music.

Week 5: July 22 through July 26

Topic: Ocean Expeditions

Our students will dive into this underwater camp adventure! We will transform our playground into a beach so that we can dig in the sand, build sand castles, and learn about the creatures that live under the sea!

Week 6: July 29 through August 2

Topic: Once Upon A Time

Open a book and it can take you on a magical journey. Our authors will write and illustrate their own storybooks while enjoying many famous stories!

Why not offer your children the opportunity to learn more about the world around them in a safe and loving setting this summer? For more information on our Ivybrook Summer Camp offerings, contact us today!


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